MovieOperator 6.0

MovieOperator 6.0 allows you to edit sound and video in your files
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MovieOperator is a program that allows you to edit sound and video in your movie files. This program is absolutely portable, you won´t need to install it. It will run from an .EXE file, without modifying your registry.

"Video Audio Separation" will allow you to extract separately the video part and the audio part of any AVI, FLV or WMV file. The video section of every file will be saved in the original format, except when splitting FLV files. In that case, the video will be converted to AVI. When extracting from an AVI file, the audio section will be saved in an MP3 file. If the source file is WMV, the audio will be saved in WMA format. When extracting audio from a FLV file, the audio will be saved in MP3 format.

By using the "Video Audio Union" feature you will be able to join any video and audio section to produce a new file. This way you can have a video with a customized soundtrack. You can join an AVI and a WAV to form a new AVI, a WMV and a WMA for a new WMV. It´s not possible to join video and sound files to produce a FLV file though.

"Movie File Connection" allows you to join several video files to produce one large video file, with the same format as the original ones.

"Movie Section Extraction" allows you to extract a part of a video file, saving the segment as a new file.

You will also be able to perform "Audio File Extraction" and "Audio File Connection" with WAV or WMA files.

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